Your Home, Your Story
Your Home, Your Story

About us

At Barjis, we believe that there is poetry to every piece that adorns your living space. They come together to unravel the tapestry of what is utterly and uniquely you. This is how we write your living story. This is where your living story begins.  

By blending the vintage with the contemporary, recreating heritage as a product of the present, Barjis brings to you what is one-of-a-kind, alive and dynamic. Our creations brim with life, and bring new meaning to what you call home.

What We Do

  • Interior Design


  • Original Furniture by Barjis


  • Refurbishment of Vintage Furniture

  • Home Accessories


  • Custom Made Furniture


  • Home, Body, Spirit Consultation

Our Products

Barjis has earned a strong reputation among clients for the durability of its products. Each item is made from fine textiles and accessories that are carefully selected from vendors all over the world wrapped around top of the line upholstery fillings and structures. We want our gems to last through generations.


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Contact us

Sadat Street, Khalid El Abdullah Building, Ras Beirut
Beirut, Lebanon


+961 3210 348

+961 1 350 933

For Your Order & Pricing:
Please email or call us on +961 3 210 348